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A lot of people may have been to war, but not in combat. Marines have always seen combat. Im one, amongst the brotherhood. Once a lost soul, found-created; sharing   experiences through art. Fighting words for hope into the hopeless. 


Drew Lucas

A few lines from something special...

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They can't feel. Lack the real.

Whiz snap Taliban steel

Ball bearings pumped from chest. Pierce flesh.

Goldstar Mothers, nothing left.


What countries next?

22 a day

America the beautiful

blood money for sex

A street walking mess.

But Pain unifies

Everyone feels when one dies.


Im confused

Did I really make it back from war?

Is all this just a dream?

Taliban demons screaming.

Mourning momma tears use to pay me visit here.

Followed by

Homicidal Suicidal years. 


To here i stand.

No words to describe the peace i feel Mr Suicidal Bomber man.

Take my hand.


Some say their living. Its a lie.

Rooted in these words is my "why"

This is how i feel alive.

Building bonds from MORE than combat ties.

Mere presence inspires highs. Beyond the horizon ocean meets sky

No longer question why.

Speak freely of the pain. Goosebumps still rise.

Passengers 9/11

Greeted by Marines.

Gates of Heaven.