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Dark years camouflaged purpose. Grit proved true. Gratitude & growth provided forgiveness.
— Drew Lucas. Sgt of Marines
Cop Shabu

Once upon a time,in a War-torn place

a man walked into a crowded bazaar where children play innocently amongst the guiltiest of evil.

Marines on mission guarding quality of life. 

A suicide bomber. 

Martyr, lost and misguided soul. 

Ball barring’s pierced flesh. Faith put to test.


Once a kind sprit, now consumed by hate. Driven only by pain.

Dark years camouflaged purpose. Grit proved true, Gratitude & Growth provided forgiveness. 

He began writing. 

One Day to A Letter to God, allowed him to see

Made Amends. 

Found Peace. 

At Attention. Dress Blued Confident Clean. I stand. Sharing. Loving. Speaking Hope Into The Hopeless.

This is my story.

Patrols To Poetry...