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A lot of people may have been to war, but not in combat. Marines have always seen combat. Im one, amongst the brotherhood. Once a lost soul, found-created; sharing   experiences through art. Fighting words for hope into the hopeless. 

15 Day Writing Challenge (Day 1)

Drew Lucas


The decision to become a writer wasn't a decision at all. Writing became a life line after returning home from Afghanistan. Maybe out of boredom or maybe it was a personal responsibility to tell a story of the untold. a story of brave men i was so honored to call my brothers. reality to myself and many alike but only touched in the Hollywood screens to America.

Angry and lost. 

Pen to Paper, my new weapon. Performing, my new high. Adrenaline, a high, wiz of a 107 mm rockets will get you stoned, chasing the dragon by facing the past. a wealth of life knowledge gained from death, hate, and eventually love. i felt safe when i was writing. the rage, slightly tamed. the survivors guilt, found more meaning. more direction. all the ugly slowly crawled from the darkness. i was a little less afraid of the dark. Bad habits formed by worse actions; replacing a girlfriend snuggled under my arm for a condition 1 rifle. late nights fighting demons of the disrespected dead. my conscious was the enemy at the gate, awaiting the perfect time to strike. "something in the way" eased the pain, i still remember looking up Kurts Cobains suicide note.

writing unfolded over time. i came home to a cold place. a place where hope doesn't exist.

i was scared.

bUT nothing was more deadly than being alone. without my brothers. without direction, without purpose. bUt SHARING-Performing was a breath of fresh air as i was taking my final breath. it was all i needed to continue to fight. so fight i did. and here i stand. 

they say you have to kill a marine before you kill his will to fight. combat tested through history on the battle field. i had to realize just because i was in America didn't mean the war was was just beginning. 

Man Cry

Drew Lucas

Living has taught me that war doesn’t determine who is right;only who is left.

Lester Tenney



Sorry had to come this I’m free I feel no pain 

Step from the bus. Greeted by friendly smiles

love ones never thought I see again

Weak in knees eye to eye: fallen brothers next to kin

War, nobody wins 


Sorry had to come this I’m free I feel no pain 

Now I’m free I feel no pain

Combat educated brother we made it, risked our lives, widowed husband wives

for the fallen heartbeat beats with mine

Patriotic lines, Project 22 just in time

could’ve been featured; in honor of 22 a day.

Government thinks its ok

Never seen a mine cry till I seen a man die 

Drop to his knees God why?

Lies. Death a surprise

haunted by a morning mothers cries, missing combat brother ties

awaiting love, American flag arrives.

Never seen a man cry till I seen a man die 


Years ago One Day

I broke down and cried shared everything I held inside

Wanted murder so I prayed. God showed me the way, inspired on top of LA

Heartfelt, tearful thank you my brothers had to say

Grateful for the ones who help me along the way

Owe my life I live today. LOVE give it away give it away 

Please don't cry...

Drew Lucas

No war No cry
Farewell Father
Momma don't cry
Beautiful souls soar so high
Off to show the enemy my war cry
I'll make it back just fine
But it was a lie
Reunited with his father in the sky
Caught the blunt of the blast
How long will the mourn us
How long will it last
They can't remember
We find so hard to forget
Knife to the heart
Hard hit
Never be the same, imprinted in our brain
Long hard ride
Praise to the all mighty, all high
Never needed a vest
Body Armor
Fallen Angel shielded more than my chest.
Not once did I bleed
War brings tears on
You did not die in vain
Mr president
Recite every last one of their names

No women Dont you cry
Dry your pretty eyes
Wounds heal in time
We miss our loved ones
Look to the sky
Stars are our Angels eyes

To the Gold star mothers
Other side that never loved us
For my brothers
To your sons
Innocent children
Those who've lost someone